As we celebrate our 15th season, Tuesday Night Cafe continues to be of the longest running free public arts series in downtown Los Angeles. Cultivating a supportive space featuring new original work by Asian American artists, Tuesday Night Cafe builds–and is built by–each individual that touches it in the spirit of art + community. Thank you for being a part of Tuesday Night Cafe. Your support has gotten us to where we are today and drives us to continue forward.

We are kicking off our 2013 Keep TN Free fundraising campaign with an ambitious goal–please help us raise $11,000 by our September 3rd show!

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We are extremely grateful for the community support that has driven us forward for the past fifteen years, and in a world that is increasingly digital and global we are happy to provide a physical space that serves our local community.  When you support Tuesday Night Project, you are supporting the artists and organizers who preserve and share our community’s stories for ourselves and for the future.

Although Tuesday Night Cafe is free to the public and run by a devoted volunteer staff, your valuable contributions will go directly towards our hard operational costs, including (but not limited to):

- necessary sound engineering at every show
- a brand-new website to re-invigorate our online presence
- crucial maintenance of our equipment and supplies (some of our gear is getting on the older side)
- food to fuel our staff, artists, and volunteers at our shows and meetings
- starting the process of digitizing our staggering 15 year of shows (that’s well over 450 hours of footage!)
- the many other costs that it takes to fund our shows, our workshops, our planning, and our tour!

[Maiya Grace and Tula]


Every donation –from $5 to $500– gets us closer to our goal of $11,000!

Donate online now!


Prefer to give in person? At our shows staff members will be equipped with Square, so that you can donate using your credit card!

Have you already given? Looking for other ways to contribute?

You can contribute a story or testimonial and share with our families, friends, and community!

Tell us why you love Tuesday Night Project and why folks should support the space! Post photos, thoughts, memories, and hopes on your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc.) with the hashtag #KeepTNfree and a link to!

Once again, from the Tuesday Night Project Family:

Thank you.

Thank you to those who have already contributed to Keep TN Free!

Adrian Songcuan, Alice Song, Amy Hill, Andrew Ahn, Ann Matsushima, Ariana Leyva, Ashaki Jackson, Ben Biscocho, Bena Li, Bonny Guang, Brian Ilagan, Cara Van Le, Cassandra Roque, Christy Sakamoto, Clarence Alvarez, Craig Ishii, Dan Kwong, Dannie Phan, Diana Dao, Douglas Ishii, Eddy Gana, Elaine Kao, Elaine Tong, Elizabeth Kopacz, Eugene Kim, Frances Huynh, Frederick Ignacio, Giana Foster, Guy Suehiro, Hai Vo, Hsuanwei Fan, Iris Jong, Jackie Liao, James Huynh, Jenny Yang, Jessica Kikuchi, Johnny Ilano, Joyce Lu, Karen Gee, Kathy Nguyen, Kelly Park, Ken Takemoto, Kenji Wong, Kennedy Kabasares, Kenshin Kubo, Kevin Liu, Kristen Wong, Kristin Fukushima, Lee Yang, Linda Lam, Lola Lee, Long Nguyen, Mai Thai, Marissa Kitazawa, Michael Hornbuckle, Michelle Kim, Pamela Ng, Penny Ishizuka, Phuong Lane, Rachael Hudson, Rachel Poutasse, Rhommel Canare, Rod Dizor, Sandra Hamada, Sokong, Stacy Toyota, Stephanie Lau, Sue Chan, Tadashi Nakamura, Terry Park, Timothy Shimizu, Timothy Lambert, Timothy Wong, Tina Hsu, Tracy Sula, Travis Lau, Tussanee Reedboon, Vicky Luu, Winnie Wong, Xeres Villanueva, Xingyao Hong, Yogi Koh, Yumi Sakugawa

And an extra special thanks to those who have donated:

Allan Aquino
Ally Cao
Anderson Lee
Christine Araquel & Johneric Concordia
Glenn Omatsu
Grace Umali
Hailee Pollard
Helen Ota & Mike Palma
Jane Lee
Jane Yamashiro
Jenny San Angel
Ken Narasaki & Sharon Omi
Narinda Heng
Shinae Yoon
Susan Diep

Jason Oymun Fong

Alle Hsu
Byron Dote & Alice Tong
Carrie & Walter Morita
Chris & Doug Aihara
Ed Lin & Cindy Cheung
Kathy & Mark Masaoka
Kathy Tokudomi
The Okamoto Family

Daren Mooko

Alan & Yvonne Nishio
Christine Keiko Agena & Shin Kawasaki
Evelyn Yoshimura & Bruce Iwasaki
Glenn & Aileen Suravech

Michelle Ko & Quan Phung

The Park’s Finest