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When we started Tuesday Night Project in 1999 as a team of theatre artists, musicians, community organizers and local residents and staff rooted in Little Tokyo, it was our hope that we would continue to grow and evolve as the years went on. And now, 20 years later, we are thriving and we write to you to ask you to join our space and grow with us.

And we only continue to grow from our humble roots in Little Tokyo. We ask that you, as a member of our community and a partner, join us this year as we endeavor to create, support, and organize programs that align with our mission that we so strongly believe in.

In our 20th year, we are asking that our community #KeepTNGrowing by raising $20,000 during our campaign. It is a lofty goal, but we believe our vision to build a strong foundation for our collective future will inspire our community to support us as they have so unwaveringly for 20 years.

We've raised just over $11,282 so far, which is more than halfway! But we've got a bit more to make our goal. Please donate now!

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Right now, only about 7% of attendees to TNC make a donation. To celebrate 20 years and keep us growing for 20 more, we also want 450 donors this year, bringing our total percentage to 15%!


When you support Tuesday Night Project, you are joining a legacy of community members who have fought to create space for Asian American/Pacific Islander stories in Los Angeles.

Although Tuesday Night Project’s programs are free to the public and run by a devoted volunteer staff, your valuable contributions will go directly towards our hard operational costs, including (but not limited to):

  • necessary sound engineering at every show
  • crucial maintenance of our equipment and supplies
  • food to fuel our staff, artists, and volunteers at our shows and meetings
  • the continuation of archiving, digitizing, and making available (for free) 20 years of shows (that’s well over 500 hours of footage!)
  • the costs to run our planning meetings
  • touring programs to colleges (TN-on-Tour)
  • community workshops on topics such as wellness and solidarity (TN Talks)
  • innovative new visual and audio media projects


Every donation --from $20 to $2000-- gets us closer to our goal of $20,000!

Donate online now:

Prefer to give in person? At our shows staff members will be equipped with Square, so that you can donate using your credit card at Tuesday Night Cafe!

Prefer to donate by check?

Checks be made out to LTSC/Tuesday Night Project and mailed to our fiscal receiver at:

Little Tokyo Service Center
231 E 3rd St., Suite G-106
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Have you already given? Looking for other ways to contribute?

Invite friends, family, and community members to also give, spread the word, and to join our July 3 and July 17 shows!

Our sincere gratitude for all your partnerships, relationships, friendships, and support throughout these 20 years. We see the future so clearly and we see you there with us.

Thank you.

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